Saturday, 29 March 2014

I think my laptop is secretly trying to sabotage me........

Last night I wrote 3 blog posts, so that they could be up-loaded over the next few days because I am painfully aware I really owe you guys some blog posts.

Today I go to up load the first one only to find they have completly disappeared. Stupid laptop. So instead of the witty and well thought out post I had planned you are going to get this..... apologies in advance.

I’ve had a good week. I got lots of compliments at church about how well I’m looking (polite speak for lost weight/no-longer resemble a bag lady). I haven’t really lost any weight in the 7 weeks I’ve been away but I have invested in some new clothes. More specifically I may have raided the basics section at H&M and am now the proud owner of several well fitting t-shirts (non- black I might add), a jumper (I never wear jumpers, I’m normally a Cardigan kinda girl) and most excitingly a black and white striped mini-skirt which I am in love with (so in love with it I’m seriously considering returning for it in different colours!!!).
I'm loving having contacts again! Its been a year scince I had them last and I forgot how much of a difference they make to life, silly things like not ripping out half the hair  on my head because it's gotten tangled up  in my glasses fringe, being able to wear sunglasses ect ect.

I went out for dinner with a couple of girls and had a lovely evening where we talked about everything and nothing. It was fun. Also, at one point Jo said she found me impressive because of my ability to keep moving hundreds of miles away to new places, I never think about it like that but it was nice to see that other people don’t always view me as a complete disaster zone. Also there was pie and chips.  I do love pie.

On Wednesday, as a treat (I can’t believe I just typed that, who am I?), I drove to the local national park for my run. I always thought Beacon fell was a super easy walk, well not when you’re running it, I wanted to DIE. Seriously By the time I got to the top I was wheezing like crazy and my legs were jelly. But it was very pretty! ( I’d up-load photos but my lap top is on a go-slow today and I fear that would just push it over the edge!


Right I’ll leave it there for now, I’ll attempt to post again tomorrow, a post full of photos, but I’m back at work on Monday so we’ll see, laziness may win out.




  1. Oh wow busy but great week! I prefer contacts to glasses any ole day and am starting to wear my contacts even more!

  2. Where is my post full of photos! I want it!

    You are pretty amazing for moving and being independent. You have TONS of great qualities, Kirsty, you should know that!!! :)